Contingency Plan for COVID-19 infection | Clinica Longeva

In order to guarantee an environment of maximum security for all the users in the current pandemic context, the Contingency Plan for the prevention of COVID-19 infection was created and activated at Clínica Longeva, which implements a set of exceptional measures and procedures, namely:

Mandatory personal protection equipment

- the use of a facial mask is mandatory for all the users of Clínica Longeva;

- Patients must bring their own masks, but the Clínic may provide disposable masks so that this obligation is fulfilled.

Measures to ensure the least possible number of users in the premises at the same time

- Visitors that keep company to a Patient are not allowed to remain in the Clinic's premises, except if their assistance is indispensable, which is subject to prior authorization;

- the Patient must attend with a maximum of 15 minutes prior to the time of his(her) appointment;

- to minimize delays, all appointments will have their duration increased by at least 25%;

- telemedicine will be suggested, and effectively carried out, as long as there is an agreement between the Clinician and the Patient;

- reduction of seating capacity in waiting areas by 2/3, for a total seating capacity of 12;

Cleaning and sanitizing procedures

- products specially adapted to the biological disinfection of surfaces and equipment were acquired;

- contracting of a supplementary cleaning service for the premises;

- Surface disinfection procedures implemented.

You can see the full Contingency Plan in the PDF reader beside / below.