About us — The Longeva Project

The Longeva Clinic is a continuity project that focuses on the modernization of the clinical practice developed since 2001 in the medical office S.C.I.C.U., Integrated Clinical Services, Center of Urology, located in Avenida Defensores de Chaves, 83, Lisbon.

This project is born in response to a period of redefinition of the concept of private health in Portugal, where the demands of all those involved in health processes are extremely high.

Based on processes of continuous improvement, our ambition is to seek a level of quality limited only by the advancement of medical and scientific knowledge, as well as providing a service of excellence that stands out as human, close, rigorous and appropriate.

Because we consider an holistic approach to the urological patient to be essential, we have gathered a set of medical and technical specialties that we deem essential for achieving a multidisciplinary clinical decision and a careful application of therapeutics.

As such, we will undergo a significant number of changes, including:

— Change to new and modern facilities, that will allow us to surpass the expectations of patients and employees, as well as the requirements of the current legislation and regulatory entities;

— Implementation of a quality management system, certified by the European Standard ISO 9001: 2015;

— Creation of a new identity, Clínica Longeva, to be the representation of our ideology of work and our ambition;

— Maintenance and reinforcement of the clinical body of excellence, built along 17 years of practice at the Urology Center;

— Establishment of agreements and clinical partnerships with entities of reference and recognized quality that complement the clinical activity developed at Clínica Longeva