III Lisbon BUI Certificate in Urodynamics | Scientific Activity | Dr. Tomé Lopes, Dr. Ricardo Pereira e Silva, Dr. Tito Leitão, Dr. Rodrigo Garcia

For the third consecutive year, the Certificate in Urodynamics Course, organized in partnership between the Urology Training Center (CFU) and the Bristol Urological Institute (BUI), was held in Lisbon.

The Directors of the 2019 Course, which was held from 9 to 11 May, were Prof. Hashim Hashim (BUI), Prof. Dr. Tomé Lopes (CFU) and Dr. Ricardo Pereira e Silva (CFU).

The course was also attended by Prof. Marcus Drake (BUI), Dr. Tito Palmela Leitão, (Coordinator of the CFU) and Dr. Rodrigo Garcia, member of the Organizing Committee and speaker.

The course was attended by 40 participants of various nationalities and is already an international reference in the training of health professionals in the urological area of Urodynamics.